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Visionular’s AI-driven video compression helps you reduce storage, delivery, and transcoding costs by more than 30% while delivering stunning video quality.

Leave your transcoding to us while you focus on growing your business.

  • Applicable for VOD, Live, and RTC use cases.
  • SDKs to deploy on-prem or in your cloud.
  • Scale effortlessly with AuroraCloud, our SaaS solution.

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Why Choose Visionular?

Experience unparalleled efficiency with Visionular’s AI-driven Content Adaptive Encoding technology. Our solution guarantees best-in-class video and image compression, cutting your storage, delivery, and compute costs by over 50%.
As the three-time champion of the MSU codec study in 2019, 2020, and 2021, Visionular’s Aurora encoders support H.264/AVC, HEVC, and AV1 formats.
Join 100+ global content providers who are already saving millions annually and delivering exceptional video and image quality to their audiences with Visionular.
Available as

  • SDK for on-prem deployment or to your cloud,
  • a fully-scalable SaaS on AuroraCloud.

Customer Snapshot

In late 2023, Snap started to adopt Aurora5 in their transcoding fleets. As a result, the amount of content served using Aurora5 has been steadily increasing. Since this adoption, Snap has observed substantial decrease in delivery bit rate, reduced delivery cost, as well as reduced cloud compute cost.
Beyond cost savings, Snap also noticed a clear increase in user engagement.
This improvement underscores the effectiveness of Aurora5 in delivering high-quality content to Snap’s audience. Snap continues to expand the adoption of Aurora5, demonstrating its versatility and impact in various contexts.

How a live streaming sports platform cut costs and improved user experience.

Read how we delivered higher H.264/AVC and HEVC performance compared to other encoders for a live streaming platform that 97% of American football teams use.

Better Quality

Reduced Bandwidth


How a TikTok competitor cut costs while increasing monetization.

With our advanced video enhancement technology the TikTok of India, ShareChat, increased watch time more than 5% with an improved user experience.

5x processing speedup

Better mobile experience

What Makes Visionular Special

At Visionular, our fusion of deep AI/ML insights and video compression expertise sets the foundation for unparalleled R&D outcomes. Our encoders are designed to elevate the industry standard.

Optimized CPU Performance

Engineered from the ground up, our encoders maximize CPU efficiency, allowing you to process more video content with fewer resources.

Unparalleled Bitrate Reduction

Leveraging AI, we cut bitrates by > 50%, significantly lowering bandwidth and storage costs while enhancing viewer experience.

Superior Video

Our Content Adaptive Encoding engine ensures the highest video quality, balancing bitrate, and speed without compromise.

Rapid Encoding

Need video fast without sacrificing quality or efficiency? Our highly optimized codebase delivers terrific speed, ensuring your content meets tight schedules.

Technology For Every Use Case


Achieve the smallest file sizes without sacrificing quality, with our AI-driven video compression. Deliver smaller downloads and higher quality to your users.

Live Streaming

Whether it’s sports, broadcasting, or user-generated content platforms, our encoder SDKs and cloud services ensure top-notch quality at minimal bitrates, keeping your audience engaged.


Set the standard with our high-performance video encoding SDKs (AV1, HEVC, and H.264/AVC). Designed from scratch, they deliver ultra-low latency streaming, perfect for real-time interactions.

As recommended, we started out evaluating the (Visionular) H.265 encoder. The quality is very good compared to NVENC … superficially, Visionular’s 1Mbps seems to outperform NVENC’s 6Mbps.
Additionally, NVENC is not able to encode sub-1Mbps while Visionular’s encoder is able to reach ~50kbps.

Kevin Wang

CTO – Muxable

We Offer Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

Software Solutions

Elevate your video processing with our premier Aurora encoder series: Aurora4 (H.264/AVC), Aurora5 (HEVC),  Aurora1 (AV1) and AuroraImage.
Available as SDKs (x86 and ARM), our encoders seamlessly integrate into your on-prem infrastructure or  to your cloud setup, offering a straightforward path to increased cost savings and higher customer satisfaction.

Transform your operations with our cutting-edge AI-technology, designed for simplicity and impactful results.


Unlock the full potential of cloud computing with AuroraCloud VOD and Live.
Featuring an intuitive UI and versatile APIs, AuroraCloud simplifies your transition to cloud-based transcoding and delivery.

Benefit from the unrivaled efficiency of our Aurora encoders, and our highly scalable cloud architecture. 

Available for both Live, RTC, and VODAuroraCloud is the ultimate solution for modernizing your video delivery infrastructure in a matter of minutes.

By The Numbers

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Billion Videos Encoded
Petabytes Saved

Video Workflows We Fit

Short Videos

The dynamic nature of user generated videos makes efficient encoding a challenge. Visionular specializes in this area, helping to power the largest UGC platforms world-wide. Our inteligent transcoding service significantly reduces video bandwidth CDN costs, helping our customers solve the problem of balancing bitrate and video quality.

Live Events

To meet the real-time requirements of various live broadcast scenarios (shows, games, e-commerce, events, etc.), intelligent encoding is performed on the device end or on the serverserver to achieve smaller encoded streams with better visual quality, resulting in smoother streaming for end viewers.

Video Conferencing

When there are multiple devices with software or hardware equipment that need ultra-low latency encoding for video conferencing, Visionular’s encoders can meet this need. When used in ultra-low-latency mode, they can significantly reduce the bitrate needed, saving CPU resources and providing smoother more interactive experiences for users.


Visionular’s encoders and enhancement technology is used by some of the world’s largest eCommerce video apps. They utilize our best-in-class built from the ground up encoders and AI based enhancers to improve the subjective visual quality of their videos. For example, Visionular’s technology ensures that content captured in HDR, displays well in SDR format with the creators intent preserved.


For typical eLearning scenarios, targeted optimization has been carried out in aspects such as teacher-student interaction and courseware content (screen sharing) to provide a better experience while reducing the video bit rate by nearly 50%, helping many leading online education platforms to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Surveillance / Security

For various scenario-based surveillance videos such as shopping malls, transportation, communities, and security, we perform offline/real-time processing and compression to significantly reduce video storage costs to solve bottleneck issues such as cloud migration

eSports / Cloud Gaming

With powerful encoding performance, Visionular’s encoders meet the ultra-low latency requirements of cloud streaming scenarios (cloud games, cloud desktops, etc.) and achieves end-to-end latency of 30MS (1080P/4K resolution) in large-scale applications on well-known cloud desktop platforms. We break through the performance limits of software editing while taking advantage of compression and image quality to solve scene pain points.

Premium VOD

Visionular’s encoders meet the corresponding technical specification requirements of television and OTT, and provide various services such as ultra-high-definition (4K/8K) content production, high-definition intelligent transcoding, HDR, and video restoration.

Our Technology Explained

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