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Visionular was founded in 2018 and is a globally leading company in video encoding and ultra-high-definition solutions. Visionular Inc., the parent company, has a subsidiary in China (Hangzhou Visionular Information Technology Co., Ltd.) and offices in other regions. Our technology integrates AI, video encoding, image processing, and more, supported by over 20 years of expertise in video encoding, deep learning, image processing, and computer vision.

Our vision is to bring the power of AI to video compression.

Since 2018, Visionular has been at the forefront of integrating AI with video compression to address the complex needs of content providers. Our global team of 90+ experts support over 100 customers, driving innovation in video quality and delivery efficiency.

Slash storage and CDN costs by > 50% and elevate user experience with our AI-driven encoders.

Benefit from unparalleled expertise—our team brings 220+ years of combined experience from leading companies like Google, Apple, Cisco, and BBC.
Trust your video compression to the industry’s best hands.
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Our core values that drive everything we do


Empowering your business with a customer-centric approach with a solid foundation in data-driven R&D, ensuring reliability at every step.


Our innovative approach to AI-driven video compression algorithms redefines the limits of the video experience.

Green Efficient

Leading a greener future by significantly cutting bitrates and compute times, making high-quality streaming sustainable as global demand grows.


Our commitment to product quality is evidenced by our relentless pursuit of solutions that precisely meet our customers’ needs, backed by robust data.

Customer Centric

At the heart of our operations is a dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring every interaction adds value and fosters delight.

Simple To Use

We believe in simplifying processes, making our solutions accessible and easy to use, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Our Offices

Silicon Valley

280 2nd Street, Los Altos, CA 94022, USA.


18th Floor, Building D, Paradise Software Park, No. 3 Xidoumen, Xihu District, Zhejiang province, China

Our video innovation history


Visionular founded, establishing teams in both Silicon Valley and Hangzhou.  Closed seed funding.


Released the world's first commercial AV1 encoder and launched our first commercial customer.


Closed a deal with the largest UGC platform in India, deploying Aurora4 and Aurora5, launched AuroraCloud, and launched our first cloud customer.


Visionular UK was incorporated, and a core engineering team was established in London. Closed Series Pre-A funding.


Expanded our customer base to cover North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and China, achieving profitability.


Launched our 100th commercial customer and closed Series A funding.

Trusted by leading brands globally

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our secret sauce lies in our Content-Adaptive Encoding (CAE) Intelligent Optimization technology that is powered by advanced machine learning, image processing, image enhancement, and controlled by a subjectively aligned quality assessment mechanism.

This makes it the most effective video encoding solution on the market.

Visionular provides highly optimized H.264/AVC, HEVC, AV1 encoders for use in UGC, PGC, RTC, e-Learning, Sports Streaming, LiveShopping use cases to name a few. Our encoders produce 30-50% smaller videos than our competition and open source encoders, at faster speeds, and better video quality.

Our encoders are priced on a per-minute basis based on the resolution of the video being encoded (up to 720p and1080p and above).

The process of encoding video involves more than just the encoding. Analyzing and preparing your source content is equally important.

Visionular has developed a suite of AI-driven image enhancement tools that can intelligently apply the correct optimization before the encoder goes to work.

Perhaps most importantly, our AI communicates with the encoder, so it knows how to encode each video taking into account any pre-encode optimizations that were performed.

To learn more about these highly optimized enhancement products, go here:

Visionular’s AuroraCloud is a SaaS platform that can reduce the bitrate of your files by 30% to 50% with no perceptual loss of quality.

Powered by Visionular’s Aurora range of encoders, AuroraCloud delivers fully standards-compliant file that can be played across all devices.

With AuroraCloud, regardless of the business model, you will find an easy to calculate return on investment because of improved user retention metrics and reduced operational costs.

Cut costs by more than 50% on VOD, Live, and RTC Streaming.

Unlock best-in-class efficiency and quality in VOD, Live, and RTC video delivery and Image compression with Visionular.