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Make your CFO smile. Deploy our award winning AV1 encoder for your live, premium VOD, and RTC workflows.

Aurora1 is available via –

  • Mobile SDK, ARM or x86 SDK for on-premise or deployment to your Cloud,
  • or AuroraCloud (for Live, VOD, RTC)

We know that you care about the technical details, but we also understand the economics of operating a video encoding platform at scale. Here’s where Aurora1 excels.

What makes Aurora1 special?

Award-winning Tech

Aurora1, the world’s first commercially available AV1 software encoder (featuring AI-driven video encoding), has won the prestigious MSU coding competition multiple times.

Ultra-high Compression

Achieve 30%-50% lower bit rates with Aurora1 compared to open-source AV1 encoders, significantly reducing transmission costs for your business.

High-speed Encoding

Aurora1 encodes faster than other AV1 encoders by several times and is deployed across key video application scenarios, including on-demand content, live streaming, and real-time communication (RTC).

AI-driven Video Compression

Aurora1 harnesses AI video pre-processing, intelligent bitrate control, and optimized encoding technology to efficiently allocate bitrates, delivering a superior high-definition experience.

Content Adaptive Video Compression

With targeted scene-based optimization, Aurora1 offers advanced encoding tools tailored for film grain and screen content, significantly improving encoding quality and efficiency.

Real-World Applications and Data Across Various Scenarios

Video On-Demand

With the excellent AV1 Visionular developed encoding core, Aurora1 has a coding rate this is 30-50% lower than open source encoding solutions such as SVT-AV1/LibAOM while deliverying the same video quality.
This can save enterprises on their CDN delivery charges.

Live Video Encoding

Aurora1 is optimized to provide live streaming encoding performance while maintaining its coding efficiency advantage over existing coding standards.
This demonstrates the real-world operational advantages of AV1 compared to other codec standards such as H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC).
Aurora1 when running on AMD EPYC compared to SVT-AV1 on Intel gives a 700% performance boost.

RTC - Ultra Low Latency

Aurora1 features presets to serve the use cases of low delay interactive real-time communications applications.

Desktop CPU usage does not exceed 25-30% for a typical i5 or i7 CPU making Aurora1 ideal for video conferencing and distance learning, where bandwidth must be reduced while quality is preserved.
Aurora-AV1 shows an absolute advantage in screen content encoding scenarios. Compared with x264, it achieves a BD-rate (PSNR) gain of 80%. That is, Aurora-AV1 only needs 1/5 of the bit rate of x264 to obtain similar picture quality.
Perfect for screen content coding and virtual desktop applications, Aurora1 can encode 720p30 live camera content, and screen content at 1080p30 live at low delay and without taxing the processor.

Continuous innovation breaks through coding limits and achieves ultra-high compression efficiency

CPU Efficiency

We know that every compute cycle is precious, and this is why Aurora1 offers the ultimate CPU performance so you can encode the same amount of video with fewer cores.
This makes Aurora1 ideal for mobile, desktop, and datacenter applications.

Codec Speed

When you need video to be available on a tight schedule, you need speed. The Aurora1 codec is fast but doesn’t compromise quality or efficiency. This way you can process more video using fewer machines, or provide a better user experience with additional profiles to perfectly match your users devices.

Video Quality

We believe that you can have it all, CPU efficiency, encoder speed, bitrate efficiency, and video quality. Our solutions are no compromise.
Aurora1 delivers excellent quality regardless of the use case.
Compared to open-source AV1 encoders, Aurora1 gives you superior encoding efficiency with faster encoding speed and fewer computational cycles.

Bitrate Savings

Bandwidth costs are correlated to user experience. With some governments forcing streaming service platforms to reduce their bandwidth, Aurora1 is the best way to reduce OPEX and meet new regulations.

AV1 compared to
H.264 AVC

AV1 Playback Support

AV1 player and device support is expanding rapidly. Select a category to see the companies and platforms supporting AV1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aurora1 is fully compliant with the AV1 coding standards. It can achieve more than 30-40% bitrate savings over other codecs due to its use of AI, specifically, Convolutional Neural Networks in video compression.

Aurora1 can be deployed as an SDK on your on-prem environment. If you prefer using it on the cloud, you can use it on AuroraCloud, our fully-managed cloud transcoding platform.

No. Aurora1 complies with the AV1 international standard, so devices that can decode standard AV1 code streams can also decode Aurora4 without the need for a specific decoder. 

Aurora1 is highly optimized and is suitable for running in realtime applications such as conference calling applications, liveshopping, sports streaming, and more.

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