Aurora4 – Revolutionizing H.264/AVC with AI-driven Video Compression

Experience the future of efficient, high-quality video encoding with Aurora4.

Introducing Aurora4, the industry’s leading AI-based H.264/AVC encoder. Engineered for excellence, Aurora4 elevates Quality of Experience (QoE) to unprecedented levels while delivering up to 30% savings on storage and CDN delivery costs.

What makes Aurora4 special?

Award-winning Tech

Aurora4, based on the hugely popular H.264/AVC coding standard, incorporates the latest in AI-driven video compression to deliver fantastic video quality at very low bitrates.

Ultra-high Compression

Achieve 30%-50% lower bit rates with Aurora4 compared to commercial open-source H.264/AVC encoders, significantly reducing transmission costs for your business.

High-speed Encoding

Aurora4 encodes faster than other H.264/AVC encoders by several factors and is deployed across key video application scenarios, including on-demand content, live streaming, and real-time communication (RTC).

AI-driven Video Compression

Aurora4 harnesses AI video pre-processing, intelligent bitrate control, and optimized encoding technology to efficiently allocate bitrates, delivering a superior high-definition experience.

Content Adaptive Video Compression

With targeted scene-based optimization, Aurora4 offers advanced encoding tools tailored for film grain and screen content, significantly improving encoding quality and efficiency.

Real-World Applications and Data Across Various Scenarios

Video On-Demand

There are very few self-developed coding cores based on the H.264 standard in the world, with excellent coding performance.
In the server-side on-demand encoding scenario, compared with the open source x264 encoding solution, Aurora4 has a 40%-50% lower code rate with the same image quality, which can save enterprises a lot of storage and bandwidth costs.

Live Streaming

Under the condition that the encoding speed is not slower than the open source x264, the code rate of Aurora4 is 40%-50% lower than that of x264 under the same image quality. It can be applied to typical live broadcast scenarios such as show live broadcasts, live broadcasts with goods, and continuous wheat streaming, etc., bringing more Low cost, better experience.

Realtime Communications (RTC)

For ultra-low latency scenarios such as video conferencing, online education, cloud desktop, cloud gaming, and cloud rendering, Aurora4 can bring about 30% bit rate savings compared to x264/OpenH264, while the resource overhead is no higher than that of open source encoders.
Provides good support for RTC scene encoding requirements such as code control accuracy, bit rate stability, and SVC.

Breaking through the limits of H.264/AVC

With intelligent preprocessing and CAE-aware encoding, alongside optimized H.264/AVC encoding kernels, Aurora4 achieves a 30% bitrate reduction over open-source H.264/AVC solutions, without increasing computational complexity. This breakthrough not only enhances H.264/AVC standards but also redefines efficiency.

In video-on-demand scenarios, Aurora4 delivers superior image quality at lower bitrates, with advantages in CPU usage and encoding speed. Aurora4 sets a new standard in encoding efficiency, often reaching the performance levels of conventional H.265/HEVC encoders.

Unparalleled AI-driven Video Compression

Visionular’s AI-driven Aurora4 exceeds popular H.264/AVC encoders in terms of coding efficiency by completely optimizing the core encoding process using Convolutional Neural Networks. As a global innovator in video encoding, we set new industry standards, offering unparalleled efficiency and quality.

Tailor-made for cloud computing, Aurora4 outperforms open-source H.264/AVC, slashing video bitrates by over 50% while maintaining speed and image integrity. Ideal for video conferencing, online education, and cloud gaming, Aurora4 offers high-quality, ultra-low latency video experiences, reducing bandwidth usage drastically in demanding applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aurora4 is fully compliant with the H.264/AVC coding standards. It can achieve more than 30-40% bitrate savings over other codecs due to its use of AI, specifically, Convolutional Neural Networks in video compression.

Aurora4 can be deployed as an SDK on your on-prem environment. If you prefer using it on the cloud, you can use it on AuroraCloud, our fully-managed cloud transcoding platform.

No. Aurora4 complies with the H.264/AVC international standard, so devices that can decode standard H.264/AVC code streams can also decode Aurora4 without the need for a specific decoder. Over 100+ customers use Aurora4 to save costs and boost video quality!

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