Aurora5  – The Most Advanced HEVC Encoder Ever Built

Embrace the future of HEVC encoding with Aurora5 – where quality meets efficiency.

Visionular’s AI-powered Aurora5 HEVC encoder sets new industry standards by offering unparalleled video quality with optimized file sizes. Designed for efficiency, it dramatically reduces bandwidth requirements while delivering stunningly clear visuals.

What makes Aurora5 special?

Award-winning Tech

Aurora5 is the fastest HEVC encoder in the market and uses the latest in AI-driven video compression to deliver fantastic video quality at very low bitrates, and at the highest encoding speeds.

Ultra-high Compression

Achieve 30%-50% lower bit rates with Aurora5 compared to commercial open-source HEVC encoders, significantly reducing transmission costs for your business and compute costs.

High-speed Encoding

Aurora5 encodes faster than other HEVC encoders by 3 – 12x and is deployed across key video application scenarios, including on-demand content, live streaming, and real-time communication (RTC).

AI-driven Video Compression

Aurora5 harnesses Convolutional Neural Networks, AI video pre-processing, Content Adaptive Encoding, and code-level optimization to efficiently allocate bitrates, delivering a superior high-definition experience.

Content Adaptive Video Compression

With targeted scene-based optimization, Aurora5 offers advanced encoding tools tailored for film grain and screen content, significantly improving encoding quality and efficiency.

Real-World Applications and Data Across Various Scenarios

Video On-Demand

Maintaining identical image quality, Aurora5’s bitrate is over 50% lower and it encodes 2x faster than its competition (commercial and open-source)!

This efficiency dramatically lowers CDN distribution, storage, and transcoding computation costs, enabling enterprises to slash expenses and boost efficiency.

Live Streaming

While maintaining its superior compression rate advantage over other HEVC encoders, Aurora5 (HEVC) boasts encoding speeds several times faster than other competing HEVC encoders, making it perfectly suited for live streaming scenarios.

Aurora5’s versatility extends beyond server-side applications; it is fully compatible with mobile phones, PCs, edge computing devices, embedded systems, and more.

Realtime Communications (RTC)

Combined with special optimization and extreme encoding speed in RTC scenarios, Aurora5’s complexity can be comparable to x264 in RTC scenarios while continuing to maintain the compression rate advantage brought by the H.265/HEVC standard.

At the same time, with our Aurora5 high-efficiency decoder, enterprises can achieve significant H.265/HEVC technology upgrades in their video processing and delivery pipelines.

A Complete AI-Driven HEVC Solution

Visionular’s Aurora5 encoder streamlines video processes with integrated client and server encoding, coupled with efficient playback decoding. This ensures a smooth production-to-playback journey.

The Aurora5 encoder, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, optimizes video processing on various devices, from mobile phones to servers. Leveraging our proprietary CAE technology, it significantly cuts video bitrates, reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

The Aurora5 software decoder enhances H.265/HEVC playback, offering a plug-in decoding SDK compatible with major open-source and proprietary players, ensuring high-quality video across platforms.

Visionular’s Enhanced H.265/HEVC Software Decoder

Hardware decoding, while efficient, doesn’t fully support all H.265/HEVC playback scenarios. This is especially evident in devices like low-end mobile phones and OTT TV boxes, where software decoding is still essential.

Addressing this gap, Visionular offers a more powerful H.265/HEVC software decoder. It surpasses the FFmpeg openhevc decoder in speed by over 200%, and excels in efficiency, consuming over 20% less CPU and 30% less memory.

This advancement significantly smoothens H.265/HEVC playback on less capable devices, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience.

Real-World Performance

In an independently performed test, the goal was to see how many simultaneous live streams one box could deliver at various bitrates without dropping below 50 FPS at multiple bitrates.

Their goal was to support multiple 4K streams on a single server.

They tested an open-source H.265/HEVC encoder but could not achieve the minimum 50 FPS at any of the tested bitrates.

Testing open-source H.265/HEVC, the server could not support the minimum 50 FPS at any of the tested bitrates. However, after switching to Aurora 5,  the same hardware was able to deliver two concurrent 4K streams while maintaining 50 FPS up to 30 Mbps.

After such great results, they decided to run the same tests but at 1080 for many of their existing customer not yet ready to upgrade to 4K. Using the appropriate bitrates. The results were just as impressive, again delivering 2X the performance with a slightly improved image quality.

10-bit HEVC encoder

As high-definition display technology becomes more widespread, audience demands for video quality are reaching new heights. The production and distribution of high-standard videos, including 4K and HDR, are rapidly increasing, highlighting the need for more efficient encoding solutions.
The Aurora5 software encoder is specifically designed to meet these evolving demands. It supports 10-bit encoding, essential for 10-bit HDR content, offering significant improvements in both encoding speed and quality.
This capability enables manufacturers to encode HDR streams more efficiently and effectively, facilitating the advancement of HDR solutions and driving business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aurora5 (HEVC) is fully compliant with the H.265/HEVC coding standard. It can achieve more than 30–40% bitrate savings over other codecs (either previous generations or other HEVC implementations) due to its use of AI, specifically, Convolutional Neural Networks in video compression.

Aurora5 can be deployed as an SDK on your on-prem environment. If you prefer using it in the cloud, you can use it on AuroraCloud, our fully-managed cloud transcoding platform.

No. Aurora5 complies with the H.265/HEVC international standard, so devices that can decode standard H.265/HEVC code streams can also decode Aurora5 without the need for a specific decoder. If you would like, we can also provide you with high-performance HEVC decoders for use in your devices. 

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