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Experience ultra-low latency and high visual quality with AuroraLive’s cloud-based live streaming platform.

HLS, LL-HLS, RTMP, WebRTC, or restreaming – we support it all with a ton of features like DRM, cloud DVR, logo insertion, recording to VOD, and much more!
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What is AuroraCloud Live?

AuroraCloud Live is Visionular’s cloud-based live streaming platform designed for smooth, high-quality, low-latency delivery of live events to large audiences. 

Get access to customized ABR ladders, restreaming, bandwidth reduction of 25-50%, and scalability to accommodate millions of viewers. 

AuroraCloud Live is ideal for real-time, low-latency streaming, supporting both RTC and LL-HLS, including WHEP for browser-based content. 

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Advantages of using AuroraCloud Live.

Start streaming in minutes

Start streaming live in minutes. AuroraCloud Live’s user-friendly setup gets you broadcasting quickly with easy API integration and an intuitive UI.

Ultra-Low Latency

Enjoy live events with ultra-low latency (<1s with WHEP and 4-6s with LL-HLS), ensuring your audience is part of the action as it unfolds, all thanks to our extensive CDN network.

Universal Player Compatibility

Stream to any device with ease. It works great on Web, Android, and native iOS players, available on all Apple devices. Use any HLS, LL-HLS, and WebRTC compatible player you want.

Optimized Streaming Quality

Get the best picture quality without heavy data usage. AuroraLive is powered by our Aurora encoders for AV1, HEVC, and H.264/AVC with an intelligent system to choose the optimal bitrates.


AuroraCloud Live’s architecture offers seamless content management and swift transcoding for high-quality video streaming. Optimized for performance, our cloud-based platform ensures reliable delivery to all devices, enhancing the viewer experience with minimal buffering and maximum compatibility.

Key Features of AuroraCloud Live.

Multi-protocol streaming

Stream in RTMP, HLS, or LL-HLS with inputs in RTMP, RTMPS, and SRT.

Auto-Record to Cloud Storage

Never miss a moment. AuroraCloud Live automatically saves live streams to AWS S3 for convenient VOD usage.

Synchronized Timed Metadata

Enhance viewer engagement with timed metadata for live polls, sports scores, and more, perfectly synced with your stream. 

ABR Streaming Support

Ensure the best viewer experience across different network conditions with AuroraCloud Live’s multi-resolution ABR streaming.

Event Notifications & Health Monitoring

Stay informed with asynchronous event notifications and keep an eye on stream health through a comprehensive dashboard.

Logo and Watermark Insertion

Protect your content with playback authorization and promote your brand using customizable watermarking.

Multicasting / Restreaming

Seamlessly restream your live content to social media platforms to extend your reach and monetization. Up to 40 restreaming targets are supported!

DRM built-in

Protect your content with DRM and never compromise on revenue. Whether its AES-128, Apple Fairplay Streaming, Google Widevine, or any other DRM standard, we have you covered!

Subtitles & Closed Captions (Manual and Auto)

Make your content more accessible and reach a global audience with subtitles and closed captions. Send us subtitles or caption files or, we can automatically generate captions for your videos.

Use Cases and Applications

AuroraCloud Live caters to a wide array of industries and applications, such as live news and sports streaming, FAST, e-shopping, e-learning, and much more!

Discover how AuroraCloud can transform your video workflow and enhance your audience’s viewing experience.

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