AI-driven video enhancement for superior user experience!

Using AI and ML, AuroraEnhancer is a suite of tools for image quality enhancement, HDR, and ultra-high-definition processing. Designed from scratch to make your videos stand-out and your users smile!

AuroraEnhancer is applicable from video content production to processing to viewing, providing users with an excellent viewing experience.

AuroraEnhancer Modules

Smart Super Resolution

Integrating deep learning and traditional algorithms, it intelligently matches video scenes to increase resolution, turning low-definition into ultra-high definition in seconds, allowing users to enjoy the visual experience brought by large resolutions.

Image Quality Repair

Integrate denoising, sharpening, enhancement, repair and other technologies to enhance texture details, improve video clarity, and make videos look like they are brand new.


Automatically change and enhance the color gamut of SDR videos to achieve HDR color elimination of color deviations, making the picture more realistic, delicate and natural.

Smart Tone Mapping

Intelligently convert HDR videos to SDR videos, ensuring video compatibility while retaining HDR colors, allowing ordinary screens to enjoy a visual feast of high color depth, wide color gamut, and wide brightness range.

ROI Area Enhancement

A specific model for image quality restoration, which protects and enhances key areas of visual interest in the image, such as face skin color protection, object enhancement, texture enhancement, etc.

Intelligent Frame Insertion

Visionular’s Intelligent Frame-Rate Up Conversion process involves using artificial intelligence to create new frames that better match the refresh rates of today’s TVs and mobile devices.

Use Cases

Ultra HD video production

Resolution upsampling, converting low resolution to high resolution, 4K and 8K ultra-high definition resource production, empowering radio and television and professional video production companies. It provides two solutions, traditional algorithm and deep learning algorithm, to double improve video parameters and video quality.

Frame color HDR processing

Under the background of high-definition image quality, we pursue more extreme picture colors – the colors of the real field of vision in human eyes, so we conducted a series of explorations on video color and brightness. HDR video production solution and HDR video standard transcoding solution. Produces standard HDR and Pseudo HDR videos. Pseudo HDR has more saturated colors and brightness than SDR, and is more compatible with SDR device playback than standard HDR.

Live broadcast real-time enhancement

Supports real-time over-resolution, image quality enhancement and repair, HDR, and color enhancement processing of live streams. The live broadcast delay can be controlled within 1S, empowering live broadcast fields such as games, events, and film and television. The effect is stable, and the live broadcast content is essentially optimized to create high-quality Audiovisual experience.

Video Enhancement & Repair

The image quality enhancement repair solution can be used to repair scenes and can be applied to multiple scenes and multiple video types. It removes compression noise and mosaic in old films, and improves the resolution of low-definition blurred videos. It combines depth algorithms to remove image blur, improve the color and brightness of the picture, and improve the overall quality of the video.

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