AI-Powered Image Compression with AuroraImage

AuroraImage delivers industry-leading performance for the technical demands of today’s digital landscape.

Using Visionular’s Aurora1 and Aurora5 codecs’ sophisticated algorithms, we’ve crafted a premier image compression solution that integrates machine learning with advanced ROI detection, delivering unmatched clarity at very low filesizes.

Supports the Most Popular Image Compression Formats

Ultimate Image Compression Technology Integrated with AI Algorithm

Accelerate Loading Times with AuroraImage

Over half of web visitors leave if pages take over 3 seconds to load. High-resolution images often cause these delays, especially on image-heavy e-commerce, sports, and UGC sites.
AuroraImage tackles this by offering image compression that outperforms competitors by 50%. Expect faster page loads, improved user engagement, and a drastic cut in visitor abandonment.

How AuroraImage Leads in Image Compression

Ultra-High Compression

Shrink images to 30-60% of their original size while preserving pristine quality, pushing the boundaries of compression efficiency.

AI-Powered Enhancement

Elevate image quality with AI-driven super-resolution and color enhancement, ensuring every image looks its absolute best.

Intelligent Quality Assessment

Trust our smart quality rating that discerns image nuances just like the human eye, utilizing multiple evaluation algorithms to guarantee top-tier image integrity.

Multi-Format Support

Embrace comprehensive adaptability with support for all major image formats including JPG, WebP, HEIF, and AVIF, ensuring universal compatibility.

Transparency Mastery

Maintain crystal-clear transparency with advanced Alpha channel compression, offering near-lossless quality for images with dynamic elements.

SDK Flexibility

Access our technology via SDKs, ready for deployment across platforms with flexible APIs for instant integration.

How Efficient is AuroraImage?

AuroraImage redefines efficiency in image compression. Deploying AuroraImage in your workflow can result in a 30-50% reduction in image file sizes, leading to:

Substantial savings in storage costs.

Faster image loading times.

Increased user engagement on your platform.

Reduced churn, driving more sales and prolonged user interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aurora4 is fully compliant with the H.264/AVC coding standards. It can achieve more than 30-40% bitrate savings over other codecs due to its use of AI, specifically, Convolutional Neural Networks in video compression.

Aurora4 can be deployed as an SDK on your on-prem environment. If you prefer using it on the cloud, you can use it on AuroraCloud, our fully-managed cloud transcoding platform.

No. Aurora4 complies with the H.264/AVC international standard, so devices that can decode standard H.264/AVC code streams can also decode Aurora4 without the need for a specific decoder. Over 100+ customers use Aurora4 to save costs and boost video quality!

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