Reticulate Micro and Visionular join forces for low-bitrate AV1 livestreaming

Visionular and Reticulate Partner for Ultra-Low Bitrate AV1 Live Streaming

Transformational Partnership Delivers Industry-disruptive Video Compression and Post-Quantum Encryption to the Broadcast Industry LOS ALTOS, Calif. and PALM BAY, Fla. / April 23, 2024 / Visionular, a pioneer in AI-driven video compression and streaming, and Reticulate Micro, Inc., a commercial and defense company focused on enabling trusted, resilient communications, today announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize live streaming.   This transformational partnership brings together three best-in-class technologies: Visionular's Aurora1 AV1 encoder: An AI-powered AV1 encoder that delivers significant bitrate savings while maintaining or improving video quality at low latencies and high CPU-efficiency. Reticulate's VAST™ video compression product: Enables secure and resilient video transmission...

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What is AI-driven Video Compression?

A recent report published by Sandvine suggests that video now accounts for 65% of all internet traffic, and it's only growing! Quoting from the report, “Demand for video content is soaring, so most platforms are embedding and spreading video within apps to increase views and engagement. Data shows in the first half of 2022, video accounted for a hefty 65.93% of total volume over the internet. That’s a 24% increase over H12021.” And these unforeseen streaming volumes is precisely where the industry is struggling. How does a content provider store and stream high-quality video affordably, while providing a great streaming experience to...

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Jan Ozer interviews Zoe Liu on AI in video compression

Jan Ozer Interviews Zoe Liu on AI-driven Video Compression

Video compression expert Jan Ozer interviewed Zoe Liu, CTO and Co-Founder of Visionular, on the intricacies of AI-driven video compression as part of his preparation for his NAB2024 Streaming Summit talk.  They covered the following topics in this interview -  the role of AI in in the video compression pipeline, why AI is important in video compression, importance of scene classification in video compression, delivering a video compression solution as both an SDK and a cloud offering, the role of CPU-efficiency in video transcoding, AI-driven video compression without GPUs, and much more! If you are a video compression enthusiast and are interested...

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Visionular EZDRM partnership

Visionular and EZDRM to Deliver Unmatched Video Streaming Efficiency with Enhanced Security

Visionular, a pioneer in AI-driven video compression and streaming solutions and EZDRM, the premier provider of Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS), are announcing a strategic partnership that empowers content providers to deliver stunning video quality at low bitrates while ensuring robust content security.Visionular leverages AI in its video compression solutions (for AV1, H.265/HEVC, and H.264/AVC) to achieve significant bitrate savings while maintaining or improving video quality and encoding faster. Through a three-step process of scene classification, AI-driven video enhancement, and content-adaptive encoding, Visionular’s technology greatly improves the user experience and significantly reduces costs (storage, delivery, and transcoding) for the...

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transmuxing vs. transcoding - everything you want to know

Transmuxing vs. Transcoding – Everything You Need to Know

Transmuxing is the process of changing the format of a digital file without altering the actual content. This article reveals the fundamentals of transmuxing, explains how it streamlines video delivery across devices without altering the content itself. Videos come in a large array of formats, and what plays flawlessly on your phone might stutter and crash on your smart TV – not to mention your Xbox! This is not a new problem, and ensuring compatibility between different file formats and devices is truly a harrowing experience for anyone! But don’t worry. There are heroes in the video conversion and processing world: transmuxing...

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mirrortab is visionular's video encoder for live-streaming and cyber-security

MirrorTab: Securing Web Apps Using Hologram Technology

This case study explores the "hologram technology" from MirrorTab for secure web app access, particularly for sensitive applications like banking. The application uses Visionular's AI-powered video encoders to ensure a seamless, high-quality experience at low bitrates, indistinguishable from actual web-based browsing.The internet fuels our modern lives, connecting us to information, services, and opportunities at our fingertips. With a single click, we manage finances, access healthcare portals, and even shop online. However, lurking beneath this convenience lies a hidden danger: browser extensions. These seemingly harmless add-ons, promising grammar perfection, coupon alerts, and productivity boosts, come at a steep price: your sensitive data.Extensions,...

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Video Codec: Everything You Need to Know

Summary: In this article, we talk about video codecs - what are they and how they work. We also provide an overview of the most popular video codecs, their applications, and tips on how to choose a video codec.  While streaming videos or transferring large videos online, have you ever wondered how videos are compressed to a size that is small enough to travel through the internet to your device? That's where video codecs come in. The word "video codec" is a portmanteau for "encoder - decoder" or "compress and decompress" and it is a critical component for delivering high quality videos efficiently...

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Advanced Optimization Techniques in Video Compression

In today’s world, videos are more than just a medium; they are an omnipresent form of communication, education, entertainment, and business. From social media reels to high-definition films, the digital era is replete with video data. However, this immense volume of visual data poses significant challenges related to storage, bandwidth, and playback quality. Enter video compression – the art and science of reducing the size of digital video files, without compromising the overall viewing quality. And, this is done to reduce storage, delivery costs, and improve playback video quality. Video compression’s importance stems from the pressing need for efficient storage and swift transmission,...

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Video Enhancement – Frame-Rate Up Convert

The process of encoding video involves more than just the encoding. Analyzing and preparing your source content is equally important. Visionular has developed a suite of AI-driven image enhancement processes that can intelligently apply the correct optimization before the encoder goes to work. Perhaps most importantly, our AI then encodes each video taking into consideration the pre-encode optimizations.One way to improve the viewing experience of older films is to use a technique called Intelligent Frame-Rate Up Convert. This process involves using artificial intelligence to create new frames that better match the refresh rates of today’s TVs and mobile devices. This...

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The Visionular Aurora1 AV1 encoder beat all AV1 implementations for the third year in a row

Los Altos, CA:  The annual Moscow State University Codec Study completed by the Graphics and Media Lab Video Group represents the best round up of video codec implementations in the video streaming and delivery industry. Video encoding engineers worldwide rely on this comprehensive and objective study to guide their codec selection decisions and the best implementation for their use case. Visionular first participated in the 2019 study where our Aurora1 AV1 encoder came out on top for all objective metrics, a remarkable achievement, given the implementation was new. In 2020, we also ranked at the top as the best performing encoder. For this year’s study, 2021, we again participated....

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