mirrortab is visionular's video encoder for live-streaming and cyber-security

MirrorTab: Securing Web Apps Using Hologram Technology

This case study explores the "hologram technology" from MirrorTab for secure web app access, particularly for sensitive applications like banking. The application uses Visionular's AI-powered video encoders to ensure a seamless, high-quality experience at low bitrates, indistinguishable from actual web-based browsing.The internet fuels our modern lives, connecting us to information, services, and opportunities at our fingertips. With a single click, we manage finances, access healthcare portals, and even shop online. However, lurking beneath this convenience lies a hidden danger: browser extensions. These seemingly harmless add-ons, promising grammar perfection, coupon alerts, and productivity boosts, come at a steep price: your sensitive data.Extensions,...

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What’s More Important, QOE or ROI?

ShareChat does both with their short-form video platform. ShareChat, a TikTok-like social media platform is one of India’s largest short-form video platforms boasting massive subscriber growth of 166% and 160 million monthly active users after the departure of TikTok and other popular social platforms from the country. Together with Visionular, they were able to boost platform efficiency, decrease cost and expand viewership to previous unreachable viewers. The Network Situation Despite an initiative to improve the network and its coverage called "Digital India", India’s network still suffers from slow speeds. Below you can see Speedtest's ranking of mobile and fixed broadband speeds around the world....

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HUYA Delivers Improved Viewing Experience With Visionular

Esports gaming is the fastest-growing sector of sports entertainment. Thus, it’s no surprise that the HUYA Live Broadcasting Platform streamed content to 85.1 million MAU’s for 131 esports tournaments with a total viewership of 590 million in the third quarter of 2021. Esports as a competitive category is coming into its own and this is causing the pace of growth and consumer interest to make technology innovation essential. HUYA (NASDAQ: HUYA) is a technology-driven platform and to deliver a consistently great streaming experience they turned to Visionular’s Aurora1 AV1, and Aurora5 HEVC video encoders to stream the highest quality at the lowest bitrate. Recently, HUYA...

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hudl uses visionular's AI-powered video compression for sports streaming

How We Help Hudl “Up” Their Video Quality Game

Is your streaming business burdened by escalating storage and CDN delivery costs? Is this affecting your profitability and threatening the sustainability of your enterprise? Continue reading to discover how Hudl, a premier sports video and analytics provider, navigated a significant storage cost challenge using Visionular's revolutionary AI-transcoding technology. Hudl, a leading provider of sports video and analytics technology, enables teams, athletes, and coaches with the tools they need to analyze game footage and improve their performance. Hudl's product finds use across a diverse array of customer segments, such as - Coaches: for team review purposes, to analyze formations, and evaluate player performances. Athletes:...

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Stage.in – Enhanced Video Quality at Lower Costs

Los Altos, CA: Visionular are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Stage.in, the leading Indian OTT service that was recently featured on Shark Tank. We are proud to have been chosen as their video encoding technology partner. One of the key advantages of using AuroraCloud is its ability to save 25-35% on CDN delivery costs while delivering high-quality video to their viewers. With AuroraCloud’s advanced compression technology, Stage.in is able to reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred and stored. This not only saves them money on CDN delivery but also enables them to deliver high-quality video to their users with...

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