using AV1 for RTC or realtime communication

AV1 for RTC: x264 vs. Aurora1 AV1

The royalty-free codec standard AV1 gets plenty of attention and for good reason. With some of the largest streaming video apps, service, and platform companies in the world supporting the standard, the entire industry is keeping close tabs. During the early adoption phase of a next-generation standard, it’s well known that until the armies of codec engineers that are focused on wringing out all the performance capability that is possible, can complete the task, there is often a very real and significant penalty for the coding efficiency gains in the excessive compute time required. And, AV1 was no different. But my how far we’ve...

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Unlocking Superior Visual Quality Using AI

There is a lot of hype around the role of AI and ML in video. But with so much marketing buzz, many video engineers struggle to make sense of the real from the fiction. In this presentation that was given during the August 2021 Streaming Connect virtual conference, we presented the latest cutting-edge research about how AI+Codec can unlock superior visual experiences for OTT streaming. CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AV1

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x264 vs. AV1 Real-Time Test Results

Video encoding requirements are diverse, so video engineers must maintain benchmarks on the state of all significant encoder implementations. Working with the largest streaming services and platforms, our team routinely collects performance data of open-source implementations compared to the Visionular Aurora family of encoders. In this study, we compared x264 to our Aurora1 AV1 encoder. Twenty 1080p videos representing various characteristics common to premium and UGC live streaming were selected. The encoders were operated on an AWS C5 AMD EPYC 7R32 instance (16 cores / 32 threads). We enabled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 concurrent FFmpeg instances using the same...

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