Jan Ozer interviews Zoe Liu at NAB 2024

Jan Ozer interviews Zoe Liu for OTTVerse

At the recently concluded NAB2024, video compression expert Jan Ozer caught up with our CTO and Co-Founder, Zoe Liu to talk to her about the latest in the world of AV1 video compression, Zoe's outlook on the use-cases, live-streaming, next big applications, and more! You can watch the entire video here.For video streaming businesses, AI-driven video compression isn't just a fad, it's a strategic advantage. In a competitive market, delivering high-quality videos efficiently is essential. AI-based compression makes both possible, giving businesses a clear edge. You can start a no-risk, free trial of Visionular's AI-driven video compression on the cloud today and...

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What is AI-driven Video Compression?

A recent report published by Sandvine suggests that video now accounts for 65% of all internet traffic, and it's only growing! Quoting from the report, “Demand for video content is soaring, so most platforms are embedding and spreading video within apps to increase views and engagement. Data shows in the first half of 2022, video accounted for a hefty 65.93% of total volume over the internet. That’s a 24% increase over H12021.” And these unforeseen streaming volumes is precisely where the industry is struggling. How does a content provider store and stream high-quality video affordably, while providing a great streaming experience to...

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Jan Ozer interviews Zoe Liu on AI in video compression

Jan Ozer Interviews Zoe Liu on AI-driven Video Compression

Video compression expert Jan Ozer interviewed Zoe Liu, CTO and Co-Founder of Visionular, on the intricacies of AI-driven video compression as part of his preparation for his NAB2024 Streaming Summit talk.  They covered the following topics in this interview -  the role of AI in in the video compression pipeline, why AI is important in video compression, importance of scene classification in video compression, delivering a video compression solution as both an SDK and a cloud offering, the role of CPU-efficiency in video transcoding, AI-driven video compression without GPUs, and much more! If you are a video compression enthusiast and are interested...

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Visionular Intelligent Optimization Technology

This paper provides an introduction with technical details about Visionular’s Content-Adaptive Encoding (CAE) Intelligent Optimization technology that combines content-adaptive encoding algorithms which operate deep inside the codec, and are powered by advanced machine learning processes, image processing, and image enhancement, and controlled by a subjectively aligned quality assessment mechanism that provides the most effective video encoding solutions on the market. Built for maximum flexibility, and modern workflows, our Intelligent Optimization technology works across all use-cases from premium VOD, live broadcast streaming, to ultra-low latency RTC video conferencing and communications applications. Improved visual quality. Regardless of bandwidth limitations, our encoders are able to...

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Unlocking Superior Visual Quality Using AI

There is a lot of hype around the role of AI and ML in video. But with so much marketing buzz, many video engineers struggle to make sense of the real from the fiction. In this presentation that was given during the August 2021 Streaming Connect virtual conference, we presented the latest cutting-edge research about how AI+Codec can unlock superior visual experiences for OTT streaming. CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AV1

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film restoration using Visionular's AuroraEnhancer technology

Using AI & ML to Enhance the Visual Appeal of Video

Stories are what bind us, and it has been this way throughout human history. Through stories, people share their society’s values, the knowledge of past generations and their dreams for the future. And there has never been a more powerful, immersive and beautiful way to tell those stories than through film. Enabling that film to look as good as it can is what drives our team of more than 50 video codec, algorithm, and signal processing engineers. The devices we stream video on today are unforgiving. Every flaw in the original source, bit of noise, and artifact, is under the microscope...

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