Jan Ozer interviews Zoe Liu at NAB 2024

Jan Ozer interviews Zoe Liu for OTTVerse

At the recently concluded NAB2024, video compression expert Jan Ozer caught up with our CTO and Co-Founder, Zoe Liu to talk to her about the latest in the world of AV1 video compression, Zoe's outlook on the use-cases, live-streaming, next big applications, and more! You can watch the entire video here.For video streaming businesses, AI-driven video compression isn't just a fad, it's a strategic advantage. In a competitive market, delivering high-quality videos efficiently is essential. AI-based compression makes both possible, giving businesses a clear edge. You can start a no-risk, free trial of Visionular's AI-driven video compression on the cloud today and...

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Visionular Codec Core Optimizations

This is the third part in a three-part series that explains the Intelligent Optimization technology that is foundational to Visionular’s video encoder quality and bitrate efficiency advantages. Click here to read part one. Part two that covers our ML algorithms and image processing modules can be found by clicking here. The Visionular Intelligent Optimization system contains two critical components, AI-powered image-processing controls, and a highly optimized core codec. In part 1 we introduced a few of the approaches possible to optimize a video encoding recipe for the actual needs of the content, versus a fixed recipe that is applied to every asset equally. While in part 2, a thorough explanation of...

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Visionular Intelligent Optimization Technology

This paper provides an introduction with technical details about Visionular’s Content-Adaptive Encoding (CAE) Intelligent Optimization technology that combines content-adaptive encoding algorithms which operate deep inside the codec, and are powered by advanced machine learning processes, image processing, and image enhancement, and controlled by a subjectively aligned quality assessment mechanism that provides the most effective video encoding solutions on the market. Built for maximum flexibility, and modern workflows, our Intelligent Optimization technology works across all use-cases from premium VOD, live broadcast streaming, to ultra-low latency RTC video conferencing and communications applications. Improved visual quality. Regardless of bandwidth limitations, our encoders are able to...

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av1 libaom video codec's Coding Tools Analysis by visionular

libaom Coding Tools Analysis

This article comprises two parts. In part one I focused on providing analysis of the AV1 coding tools that in this part 2 will become the basis for examining libaom to determine which can be most useful in the pursuit of better coding performance (speed) and efficiency (bitrate savings). Some video engineers are claiming that there are too many parameters provided by libaom and though there certainly are many choices and this can lead to confusion about which to use, I’ve performed much of the analysis and hope that this post will be useful as you consider your own unique application and use...

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analysis of AV1 coding tools from Visionular

Analysis of AV1 Coding Tools using libaom

This article consists of two parts: In part one, I will focus on providing an analysis of certain AV1 coding tools in the libaom open-source encoder.  And, in part 2, we will explore which tools are the most useful in the pursuit of better coding performance (speed) and efficiency (bitrate savings), again, using the open-source encoder, libaom. As video engineers and codec (what is a video codec?) practitioners know, coding tools must show a reasonable advantage in the area of bitrate efficiency to be adopted. However, we must also consider the processing cost of the tool, as there are some tools...

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How To Deliver HDR-Like Video In An SDR Package

What is Pseudo HDR?  HDR, or High Dynamic Range video retains more detail in an image’s brightest and darkest portions than standard dynamic range (SDR). It also displays a broader gamut of colors and texture.   Some of the limitations of HDR are less about the footage itself and more about the infrastructure required to view it. For example, many devices still do not support HDR footage.  Add to that the higher bandwidth needed to deliver it and you have significantly limited who can watch HDR originated or produced content.  Visionular provides HDR-like quality video while keeping it in an SDR format. We refer...

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The Beauty Of Film Grain: Must You Lose It In The Encode?

“There’s a magic to the grain and the color quality that you get with film.” Judd Apatow When it comes to film grain, most of us fall into one camp or the other.  Either it’s a problem that needs to be removed because it makes for complex encodes and difficult digital delivery, or it is  THE ingredient that makes your footage look cinematic and, well, not digital. Blockbuster movies such as Creed, the latest Star Wars movies, Inception, and the latest James Bond, “No Time To Die” were all shot on film by legends including Tarantino, Nolan, Spielberg, and Fukunaga. Love or hate it,...

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fast AV1 encoding using visionular's aurora1 av1 encoder

Fast AV1 Encoding Is Finally Here

For years “codec complexity” ergo “high computational cost” has hung over the AV1 codec, causing some to hold off adopting the standard. Since video codec developers are continuously improving the performance of their codec implementations, this assumption doesn’t have to be true. The secret to breaking the operational cost barrier for AV1 is to use an encoder that was built from the ground up, to take full advantage of all of the incredible encoding tools AV1 has to offer. Through joint core RDO optimization and adaptive AI-based video processing, we pull all those levers and squeeze every ounce of quality out of...

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screen content encoding in AV1 Aurora1 Visionular Ai-driven video compression

Screen Content Coding in AV1 Explained with Results

Summary: The Screen Content Coding tool in the AV1 video codec is a powerful tool for compressing videos with a lot of text, windows, graphics, etc. found during screen-sharing. These objects have peculiar features like sharp edges, text, details, and texture that can be compressed very well using AV1's Screen Content Coding (SCC) tools.  Real-time communication protocols like WebRTC have a vital need for efficient video compression, especially when it comes to screen content. Screen sharing presents certain challenges that are markedly different from traditional video: frequent changes between slides, windows, etc., sharp edges, and repetitive elements. Thus, it is necessary to...

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Unlocking Superior Visual Quality Using AI

There is a lot of hype around the role of AI and ML in video. But with so much marketing buzz, many video engineers struggle to make sense of the real from the fiction. In this presentation that was given during the August 2021 Streaming Connect virtual conference, we presented the latest cutting-edge research about how AI+Codec can unlock superior visual experiences for OTT streaming. CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AV1

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