Video encoding compared on ARM vs. Intel x86 processors

Video Encoding on ARM vs. Intel x86 – Which Is Better?

In this article, we talk about video encoding on ARM processors using benchmarks that show why they are suited for video compression (both from a performance and a pricing standpoint), and compare the results with video compression on Intel x86 (CISC) processors. When it comes to video encoding and building out your video encoding infra and architecture, two factors are critical - how fast the encoding gets done, and the compute cost of getting it done. If you pay less and get a machine with poor specifications - it takes longer to encode; but, if you spend too much on your infrastructure,...

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Video Encoding on a GPU – Explained in Detail

In this article, we talk about video encoding on GPUs, why GPUs are suited for video compression, and compare it with CPU-based video compression.  Video can be compressed using software or hardware video compression solutions/systems. Hardware encoders are machines dedicated for video compression (using FPGA, ASIC, etc.) and software encoders are software products that run on the machine’s CPUs/GPUs.  A lot of video compression is done on CPUs, because of their versatility, complex instruction sets, and frankly, their vast availability. However, as video resolutions and bitrates increase, the limitations of CPUs for encoding video become apparent. And, these limitations can be seen...

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