MV-HEVC for Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality

What is MV-HEVC (Multiview High Efficiency Video Coding)?

The whole world really loves entertainment. Across the globe, people constantly search for new and exciting things. They are just dying to find new ways to be caught up in a story and new opportunities to make themselves a part of the story. Think of Pokemon Go, app-based watch parties, multi-angle video capture of sporting events, and The Sphere in Las Vegas. There's undoubtedly innovation happening on both the demand and supply side! People nowadays don't find it enough to see a movie’s plot progress - they want to become part of the story themselves! People seek a more profound relationship with...

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Visionular Intelligent Optimization Technology

This paper provides an introduction with technical details about Visionular’s Content-Adaptive Encoding (CAE) Intelligent Optimization technology that combines content-adaptive encoding algorithms which operate deep inside the codec, and are powered by advanced machine learning processes, image processing, and image enhancement, and controlled by a subjectively aligned quality assessment mechanism that provides the most effective video encoding solutions on the market. Built for maximum flexibility, and modern workflows, our Intelligent Optimization technology works across all use-cases from premium VOD, live broadcast streaming, to ultra-low latency RTC video conferencing and communications applications. Improved visual quality. Regardless of bandwidth limitations, our encoders are able to...

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av1 libaom video codec's Coding Tools Analysis by visionular

libaom Coding Tools Analysis

This article comprises two parts. In part one I focused on providing analysis of the AV1 coding tools that in this part 2 will become the basis for examining libaom to determine which can be most useful in the pursuit of better coding performance (speed) and efficiency (bitrate savings). Some video engineers are claiming that there are too many parameters provided by libaom and though there certainly are many choices and this can lead to confusion about which to use, I’ve performed much of the analysis and hope that this post will be useful as you consider your own unique application and use...

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Aurora5 HEVC Test Results – May 2022

We’ve all had the experience of having friends or relatives tell us how smart their babies are – and how do we respond? We smile, we nod… but we don’t really believe it. We just attribute it to the understandable pride of being a parent. Well, here at Visionular, our baby is the Aurora5 HEVC encoder. And yes, we do talk about how great it is. (It really is!) So, realizing that singing the praises of our own product may be less than convincing, we wanted to find a more objective assessment of its performance — and we decided to put the...

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Optimizing User Generated Content for the World

YouTube has become the go-to platform for user-generated content (UGC), with over 2 billion daily users, 4 billion hours of video playtime daily, and 550 hours of video uploaded every minute. With such a massive vast amount of content being continuously uploaded, YouTube’s engineers need to continually optimize their video processing pipeline to handle the enormous volume of UGC (User Generated Content). In a recent episode of the VideoVerse podcast, Balu Chowdary Adsumilli, Head of Media Algorithms at YouTube, discussed the challenges of processing and transcoding UGC on YouTube’s platform. Joining Balu on the podcast were Zoe Liu, the Co-Founder and CTO of Visonular, and Thomas Davies, Distinguished Engineer of Visionular.The conversation discussed how...

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What’s More Important, QOE or ROI?

ShareChat does both with their short-form video platform. ShareChat, a TikTok-like social media platform is one of India’s largest short-form video platforms boasting massive subscriber growth of 166% and 160 million monthly active users after the departure of TikTok and other popular social platforms from the country. Together with Visionular, they were able to boost platform efficiency, decrease cost and expand viewership to previous unreachable viewers. The Network Situation Despite an initiative to improve the network and its coverage called "Digital India", India’s network still suffers from slow speeds. Below you can see Speedtest's ranking of mobile and fixed broadband speeds around the world....

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hudl uses visionular's AI-powered video compression for sports streaming

How We Help Hudl “Up” Their Video Quality Game

Is your streaming business burdened by escalating storage and CDN delivery costs? Is this affecting your profitability and threatening the sustainability of your enterprise? Continue reading to discover how Hudl, a premier sports video and analytics provider, navigated a significant storage cost challenge using Visionular's revolutionary AI-transcoding technology. Hudl, a leading provider of sports video and analytics technology, enables teams, athletes, and coaches with the tools they need to analyze game footage and improve their performance. Hudl's product finds use across a diverse array of customer segments, such as - Coaches: for team review purposes, to analyze formations, and evaluate player performances. Athletes:...

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