The Visionular Aurora1 AV1 encoder beat all AV1 implementations for the third year in a row

Aurora1 beat all encoder implementations for the quality and efficiency use-case based on subjective viewing evaluation.

Los Altos, CA:  The annual Moscow State University Codec Study completed by the Graphics and Media Lab Video Group represents the best round up of video codec implementations in the video streaming and delivery industry. Video encoding engineers worldwide rely on this comprehensive and objective study to guide their codec selection decisions and the best implementation for their use case.

Visionular first participated in the 2019 study where our Aurora1 AV1 encoder came out on top for all objective metrics, a remarkable achievement, given the implementation was new. In 2020, we also ranked at the top as the best performing encoder.

For this year’s study, 2021, we again participated. The competition was steep, and yet, Aurora1 once again beat all competing AV1 encoder implementations and ranked a close second only to the S266 encoder using subjective viewing. We also joined the winning group for the Best Speed-Quality tradeoff.


Aurora1 AV1 encoder achieved:

  • 60% reduced bitrate at the same quality over the Reference x265 using the Subjective metric.
  • 54% reduced bitrate at the same quality over Reference x265 using Y-VMAF.
  • 139% advantage over SVT-VP9 using the Subjective metric.
  • Achieved a 15% bitrate savings over QAV1, and a massive 53% savings over rav1e.
  • Aurora1 was the best performing codec for quality/speed (Y-VMAF) while ranking second overall using the Subjective metric.

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About Visionular: Visionular is a next-generation video encoding, processing, and streaming software and cloud solution company. We build solutions that harness the power of AI and ML using advanced codec technologies so that your video app or streaming service can delight more users. Our customers save an average of 30% on their CDN and compute costs at the same time improving the visual quality of their videos.