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Our AI-driven compression empowers businesses to

  • Slash bandwidth & storage costs by > 30%
  • Reduce transcoding costs using our CPU-efficient transcoding
  • Deliver amazing video quality without buffering to end-users.

From short videos to VR, build high-quality video services for any scenario. Ready to transform your video?

Use Cases

Professionally Generated Content

To meet the demands for high-definition quality in feature films and television productions, our encoding process employs deep compression techniques that minimize visual distortion to near imperceptibility.

We incorporate advanced technologies such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), super-resolution, and quality restoration and enhancement to deliver an exceptional viewing experience to the end user.

User Generated Content

Our adaptive short video solutions empower leading platforms to build intelligent transcoding services, drastically cutting video bandwidth and CDN expenses.

We enable short video creators to strike the perfect balance between bitrate and image quality, ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

Click here to read how India’s largest UGC platform, Sharechat, is using Visionular’s encoders to save drastically on costs and improve the user experience.

Live Streaming

Our AI-driven video compression solutions cater to diverse live streaming needs—from games to e-commerce, church-streaming, and sporting events.

Visionular’s technology achieves leaner data streams and superior quality, enhancing the seamless live streaming experience while substantially reducing transmission bandwidth costs.

SDK or Cloud – the choice is yours!


Our specialized optimization for e-learning environments enhances teacher-student interactions and courseware content delivery, like screen sharing.

These improvements not only elevate the educational experience but also reduce video bitrates by up to 50%. This has enabled prominent online education platforms to minimize costs and increase operational efficiency.

Real-Time Communication

Our RTC solutions support multi-device compatibility and integrate seamlessly with both software and hardware conferencing tools.

We exceed the ultra-low latency encoding benchmarks for real-time communications, significantly compressing bitrates and minimizing resource overhead to deliver a more fluid video conferencing experience.

Video Surveillance

In surveillance across diverse settings like retail, transport, residential, and security, our technology provides both offline and real-time video processing and compression.

This greatly lowers video storage costs, eases cloud migration, streamlines transmission, and enhances large-screen display capabilities, thereby boosting operational efficiency.

Gaming (Cloud/Desktop)

Our robust encoding delivers ultra-low latency for cloud streaming applications, such as cloud gaming and virtual desktops.

Achieving an impressive end-to-end latency of just 30ms for 1080P and 4K resolutions, our solutions address critical pain points by enhancing both compression efficiency and image quality.


Our VR video encoding support (MV-HEVC) tailors the algorithms to panoramic sources, achieving substantial compression gains and processing enhancements. We collaborate with enterprises to pioneer immersive experiences through cutting-edge technology.

Why Choose Us

AI-Based Video Compression

Our advanced encoding engine for H.264/AVC, HEVC, AV1 are recognized globally as the best-in-class and trusted by 100+ enterprises.

SDK and Cloud Solutions

Access our award-winning video compression technology via SDKs for on-prem deployment or use AuroraCloud. The choice is yours!

Geeks at Heart!

With over 200+ years of video compression experience, we pioneer in cutting-edge video encoding and decoding technologies.

Slash Costs by > 30%

Experience exceptional encoding efficiency to lower storage, bandwidth, and compute costs and to increase your margins!

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our technology is trusted globally by the likes of Pinterest, ShareChat, Hudl,, Cloudinary, Mirrortab, Rakuten Viki, Muxable, and others.

Encoder Tuning

Personalized encoder tuning to ensure that you get the best quality at the lowest bitrates, and the best efficiency. One-size does not fit all!

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